ExpressPod – Pre-tested Infrastructure Stack for Midsize Businesses

Infrastructure Solution for Small and Midsize Organisations

For growing small and medium-sized organisations that are beginning to virtualise their networking, storage, and computing environments, ExpressPod offers prepackaged and tested solution bundles. Integrated and delivered by joint channel partners, ExpressPod integrates Cisco UCS® C-Series servers, NetApp FAS2220 or FAS2240 storage, and Cisco Nexus® 3048 switches with infrastructure management, into an affordable, easy-to-deploy infrastructure solution.

ExpressPod comes in two predefined configurations and is deployed with an easy-to-use implementation guide. This solution:

  • Reduces the number of servers and storage capacity required for applications
  • Simplifies overall infrastructure
  • Optimizes architecture with best-of-breed components
  • Accelerates deployment times

Growing small and midsize businesses can leverage ExpressPod to reduce the number of servers in their environment through virtualization. This solution cost-effectively consolidates common applications, such as email, collaboration, or content management – which previously resided on their own servers – onto one set of infrastructure. With a simplified architecture and processes to manage it, companies can more easily manage IT resources and take advantage of virtualization.