FlexPod Management and Orchestration

Manage your FlexPod solution as a converged infrastructure using best-in-class management tools and platforms.

Choose the management tools and platforms that are right for your FlexPod® solution.

Element Management with NetApp OnCommand and Cisco UCS Manager
NetApp® OnCommand® management software and Cisco® Unified Computing System™ Manager tools help you optimise your server and network environment, handling hundreds of resources for thousands of virtual machines. OnCommand controls and automates your data storage infrastructure. Cisco UCS® Manager provides unified, embedded management of server and network components.

FlexPod Converged Infrastructure Management
Manage the FlexPod platform using common data centre management tools. When there isn’t an existing management platform to leverage, use Cisco UCS Director for centralised automation and orchestration of your FlexPod solution.

FlexPod for Cloud Services
Appropriate for private, public and hybrid cloud, FlexPod has been tested and documented with a range of cloud management platforms including CA, Cisco, Cloudstack, Microsoft, Openstack and VMware.

FlexPod Lifecycle Management
We provide tools, guidance and enablement to optimise performance.  Tools for FlexPod sizing, configuration and support and available to partners and customers.


Key Points

  • Automate your FlexPod platform with your choice of management product.
  • Deploy cloud services on FlexPod faster and with greater efficiency.
  • Choose from tested and documented solutions.
  • Use open APIs for custom integration.
  • Leverage FlexPod tools to size and qualify your environment.