Tech Spec

All data in this table applies to dual-controller configurations.


E5560 E5524 E5512
Maximum Raw Capacity

2.3 PB with expansion shelves

(using 6TB* drives)

2.2 PB with expansion shelves

(using 1.8TB* and 6TB* drives)

2.3PB with expansion shelves

(using 6TB* drives)

Maximum Disk Drives

360 with 60-drive shelves 
384 with mixed shelves 
120 SSDs

(25 SSDs per 60-drive shelf)

384 drives
120 SSDs
192 with 12 drive shelves
384 using other expansion shelves
Form Factor 4U/60 drives (2.5”/3.5”) 2U/24 drives (2.5”) 2U/12 drives (3.5”)
Drives Supported
  • 2/3/4/6*TB NL-SAS 7.2k FDE/non-FDE
  • 600/900GB, 1.2/1.8*TB SAS 10K FDE/non-FDE
  • 400/800GB, 1.6TB SSD non-FDE
  • 800GB SSD FDE
  • 600/900GB, 1.2/1.8*TB SAS 10K FDE/non-FDE
  • 400/800GB, 1.6TB SSD non-FDE
  • 800GB SSD FDE
  • 2/3/4TB 7.2K NL-SAS FDE/non-FDE
DC Power Not available Available option Available option
System Memory 24GB
Host I/O Ports

8 port 6 Gb SAS
8 port 12 Gb SAS
8 port 10 Gb iSCSI-optical
8 port 16 Gb FC

4 port 40 Gb (QDR) InfiniBand
4 port 56 Gb (FDR) InfiniBand

Operating System & System Management SANtricity® OS 8.20
SANtricity Storage Manager 11.20
High Availability Features Dual active controller with automated I/O path failover
Dynamic Disk Pools and traditional RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 and 10
Redundant, hot-swappable storage controllers, disk drives, power supplies and fans
Automatic DDP or RAID rebuild following a drive failure
Mirrored data cache with battery backup and de-stage to flash
SANtricity proactive drive health monitoring identifies problem drives before they create issues
Greater than 99.999% availability (with appropriate configuration and service plans)
Host Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows® Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Apple® Mac® OS, Oracle® Solaris, HP HP-UX, CentOS Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX, VMware® vSphere®
Included Software Features SANtricity Mirroring
SANtricity Volume Copy
SANtricity Snapshot
SANtricity SSD Cache
SANtricity Thin Provisioning
Dynamic Disk Pools
Optional Software Features SANtricity Drive Encryption
System Capabilities Data Assurance (T10-PI standard)
Dynamic Volume Expansion
Dynamic Capacity Expansion
Dynamic RAID-level Migration
Dynamic segment size migration
System Event Monitor
Proactive drive heath monitoring
AutoSupport automatic support system
Online SANtricity OS upgrades & drive firmware upgrades
VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Array Integration (VAAI)
Microsoft Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)
Application Plug-ins** Oracle: SANtricity Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager
Microsoft: SANtricity Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) & SANtricity Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server® Management Studio (SSMS)
VMware: SANtricity Plug-in for VMware vCenter®; E-Series VASA Provider, Storage Replication Adapter for E-Series
Splunk: SANtricity Performance App for Splunk Enterprise
Open Management SANtricity OpenStack Cinder
SANtricity Web Services Proxy (REST and SYMbol Web)
SANtricity PowerShell Toolkit
System Maximums Host/partitions: 512 
Volumes: 2,048 
Snapshot copies: 2,048 
Mirrors: 128

* Expected availability by mid-2015
** No-charge download from mysupport.netapp.com

* Based on same form factor disk shelves. All models are capable of reaching 192 disk drives when configured with intermixed drive shelves.

enery star Energy Star
  • All ENERGY STAR certified systems are dual power/cooling/controllers, FDE or non-FDE drives of any capacity, with any host interface option
  • NetApp E-Series E5512 up to 24 HDD drives w/DE1600 shelf
  • NetApp E-Series E5524 up to 48 HDD drives w/DE5600 shelf
  • NetApp E-Series E5560 up to 120 HDD drives w/DE6600 shelf


Dimensions and Weight E5560 System Shelf
DE6600 Disk Shelf
E5524 System Shelf
DE5600 Disk Shelf
E5512 System Shelf
DE1600 Disk Shelf
Height 7.0″ (17.78 cm) 3.47″ (8.81 cm) 3.4″ (8.64 cm)
Width 19″ (48.26 cm) 19″ (48.26 cm) 19″ (48.26 cm)
Depth 32.5″ (82.55 cm) 19.6″ (49.78 cm) 21.75″ (55.25 cm)
Weight (max) 236.2 lb (107.1 kg) 61.5 lb (27.9 kg) 63.7 lb (28.9 kg)
  E5560 system shelf E5524 system shelf E5512 system shelf
Typical Maximum Typical Maximum Typical Maximum
KVA 1.075 1.285 0.558 0.708 0.437 0.587
Watts 1045 1272 552 701 433 581
BTU 3632 4342 1884 2391 1476 1982
DE6600 Disk Shelf DE5600 Disk Shelf DE1600 Disk Shelf
Typical Maximum Typical Maximum Typical Maximum
KVA 0.801 1.011 0.296 0.446 0.175 0.325
Watts 793 1001 293 442 174 322
BTU 2707 3415 1001 1507 593 1099

Specifications are subject to change without notice.