E5600 Storage system

Optimise enterprise SAN applications with the E5600 storage system, flagship performance storage purpose-built for SAN.

Meet your demanding performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency. The NetApp® E5600 SAN storage system supports high-IOPS mixed workloads and databases, high-performance file systems, and bandwidth-intensive streaming applications – all with equal ease.

enery star Achieve the highest levels of availability, integrity and security via the E5600 system’s fully redundant I/O paths, advanced protection features and extensive diagnostic capabilities.

Combine these E5600 high-availability features with SANtricity® patent-pending Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) and thin-provisioning technology, and the result is a simple-to-deploy, simple-to-manage data storage solution.

E5600 highlights include:

  • Balanced performance designed to support any workload
  • SANtricity Remote Mirroring for proven data replication and disaster recovery
  • Modular flexibility through multiple form factors and drive technology options
  • Flexible host and network interface options
  • Maximum storage density
  • Full-disk encryption
  • Intuitive management using NetApp SANtricity Storage Management software

Learn more about the E5600 (PDF) enterprise storage systems.

Learn more about SANtricity software (PDF)


pdf icon Learn more about the E5600 (PDF) enterprise storage systems
pdf icon Learn more about SANtricity software (PDF) 

Key Points

  • Satisfy bandwidth-intensive applications by sustaining 12 GB/s to disk.
  • Accelerate transactional applications with up to 825,000 IOPS.
  • Deploy with confidence thanks to >99.999% availability.
  • Simplify storage and dta management, protection and utilisation.
  • Secure data at rest using FIPS 140-2 level-1-compliant encryption.