Use the intuitive SANtricity Storage Manager interface to administer E5600 storage systems running the SANtricity OS.

NetApp® SANtricity® Storage Manager software lets you achieve maximum performance and utilisation of your E-Series SAN storage systems running the SANtricity Operating System.

SANtricity Storage Manager:

  • Offers extensive configuration flexibility and custom performance tuning
  • Features online administration
  • Simplifies storage management through an easy-to-use intuitive interface with wizards

The SANtricity OS:

  • Delivers best-in-class reliability with automated features, online configuration options, state-of-the-art RAID, proactive monitoring and AutoSupport™ capabilities
  • Features extended data protection via FC- and IP-based remote mirroring, Dynamic Disk Pools, enhanced Snapshot™ copies, data-at-rest encryption, data assurance to ensure data integrity, and extensive diagnostic capabilities

The following table describes the standard SANtricity software features that are available with every E-Series system.

Feature Function Customer Benefit
SANtricity Storage Manager
Storage administration Manage the SANtricity OS and E-Series SAN storage systems and EF-Series flash arrays. Intuitive GUI and task wizards automate functionality, making it easy to set up and operate the E-Series and EF-Series systems. It also provides access to the detailed configuration for experts wishing to optimise manually.
Enterprise Management Window See a combined overview of all E-Series and EF-Series systems, with consolidated host-level administration and alerts, plus access to individual storage system management. Easy-to-use consolidated view of all storage systems, with consolidated reporting and host management, speeds common high-level storage maintenance tasks. Respond quickly and easily to systems needing attention.
Array Management Window Manage individual storage systems, diagnose issues and change configurations. Configure individual volume group attributes, define hosts and access rights, monitor system health and performance, and view event and performance logs. The Array Management Window makes it quick and easy to deliver storage value to your enterprise SAN environment.
Online Management Manage all operations online. You can manage your E-Series and EF-Series systems as ‘no scheduled downtime’ systems. Save yourself the headaches of co-ordinating service windows while continuing to deliver storage business value.
SANtricity Operating System
High Availability
I/O Path Protection Sustain availability and load balancing in the event of path failures. Gain access resiliency, increase data availability, and load balance for performance by working around path HBA and connectivity faults.
Replication/mirroring Get synchronous and asynchronous volume mirroring, with consistency groups. Protect against site failures through remote mirroring and replication of critical data. For RPO of zero, synchronous mirroring is available for short distances, while asynchronous replication is available for longer distances without slowing local processing speeds.
Data Protection
RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10 Multiple RAID levels offer the flexibility to optimise for your workloads – and they can be changed on the fly. Optimise for your workload performance. With E-Series systems, you can even change the RAID group or strip size while a volume stays online.
Dynamic Disk Pools Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) enable dynamic rebalancing of drive-count changes and increased data protection.

DDP significantly lowers data exposure during drive failure. It reconstructs data much faster, while protecting performance. Drive failures or additions become non-events.

Proactive Drive Health Monitoring Detect issues before a drive fails. Proactive Drive Health Monitoring examines drive health and notifies administrators much earlier that a drive is having issues – allowing time for replacement before the drive affects the system.
Background media scans Background media scans proactively check drives for media defects and initiate repairs.

Improve E-Series system reliability and robustness.

Snapshot and Views Create a point-in-time image of data or a set of related data volumes. Snapshot technology and Views provide a look into the data at a specific time, forming the basis for RPO, test and development, and other modifiable datasets.
Volume Copy Create a complete physical copy (clone) of a volume in a storage system. The clone volume is a unique entity that can be assigned to any host and used by applications that require a full point-in-time copy of production data (such as backup, application testing or development, information analysis or data mining) without affecting the performance of the production volume.
Recovery Guru It provides troubleshooting assistance and procedure guidance. Recover your system faster in the unlikely event of an issue.
SSD Cache Achieve automatic serving of high-reference data by up to 5TB of SSD via data-driven caching. Data-driven caching accelerates applications while providing low-latency SSD access for highly referenced data. It adds zero additional management burden and works for RAID- or DDP-configured storage.
Optional Software
Affordable, easy-to-buy add-on software is available to enhance base system functionality.
Feature Function Benefit
Full Disk Encryption AES-256 encryption and simplified key management protect data throughout the drive’s lifecycle without sacrificing performance. All drives leave the datacentre. With Full Disk Encryption, your data doesn’t have to leave with them – and you also can perform secure instant erase for repurposing systems.