NetApp FlexPod

Centralized and simplified management of the FlexPod platform across the infrastructure with NetApp® OnCommand® and Cisco® Unified Computing System™ (UCS™) Manager components that provide open API’s for easy integration with orchestration management solutions from FlexPod partners, or with custom solutions.

Key Points

  • Choose the management approach that works best for you
  • FlexPod platform provides open API’s for easy integration with management solutions
  • Proactively manage your environment
  • Improve operational efficiency and support data center automation
  • Validated management solutions for automation and orchestration with turnkey functionality

NetApp OnCommand Insight
Proactively manage your multivendor environment, while optimizing resources and workloads. Gain a holistic view of your storage infrastructure as a unified set of services using analysis, discovery, correlation, service paths, simulation, and root-cause analysis.

Cisco UCS Manager
Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager provides unified, embedded management of software and hardware components. Manage hundreds of resources for thousands of virtual machines. Improve operational efficiency, support data center automation with flexibility in running workloads.

Solutions from Management Partners
The FlexPod platform provides open APIs for easy integration with a broad range of management tools. NetApp and Cisco work with trusted partners to provide you with a choice of management solutions. Products designated as Validated FlexPod Management Solutions must pass extensive testing in Cisco and NetApp labs against a broad set of functional and design requirements. Validated solutions for automation and orchestration provide unified, turn-key functionality. Deploy IT services in minutes instead of weeks by reducing complex, multi-administrator processes to repeatable workflows that are easily adapted.