Flash Acceleration

Optimised for flash, ONTAP data management software delivers world-class performance and reduces overall system cost.

Whether you are focused on high-performance all-flash storage solutions or the price/performance advantages of hybrid systems, NetApp® ONTAP® software can power flash solutions to match your storage requirements.

For high IOPS and consistent submillisecond latency, deploy your key enterprise applications on NetApp AFF all-flash arrays (PDF) running ONTAP software. Drive high performance with ONTAP Flash Essentials: flash innovations and optimisations built into ONTAP software running on AFF systems. ONTAP software’s levels of performance, efficiency and data integrity make it ideal for flash media.

For data storage solutions requiring a balance of performance and capacity, use ONTAP software in hybrid flash systems that combine flash performance with hard disk drive (HDD) economies. Deploy low-cost, high-capacity SATA disk drives as your primary HDD tier to minimise cost. Accelerate your workloads with NetApp Flash Pool™ or Flash Cache™ intelligent caching in your hybrid flash systems.

Key Points

  • Accelerate SAN and NAS databases with 4x to 12x higher IOPS and 20x faster response.
  • Power your all-flash and hybrid data storage solutions.
  • Combine flash performance and leading data management, without compromise.
  • Move data between all-flash, hybrid array and cloud tiers without disruption.