Storage Efficiency

Improve storage utilisation. Eliminate planned and unplanned downtime. Save on storage costs with ONTAP software.

Reduce your data storage and management costs by using the NetApp® ONTAP® data management software and its leading set of optimisation and data-reduction technologies.

Manage your data resources – flash, disk and cloud – with greater efficiency:

  • Increase storage efficiency and performance with FlashEssentials, a set of flash-optimisation technologies in ONTAP software running on NetApp AFF all-flash arrays.
  • Use inline data-reduction technologies (deduplication, compression and compaction) across multiple applications and storage tiers.
  • Increase IT staff efficiency with sub-10-minute system setup, simplified management and non-disruptive operations.
  • Reduce complexity, storage footprint and deployment costs for dev/test and virtual infrastructure. Replicate data volumes and datasets as NetApp FlexClone® (PDF) space-saving, virtual clones.
  • Increase the flexibility and ROI of existing third-party storage arrays with NetApp FlexArray storage virtualisation software.
  • Protect your data without performance impact, using minimal storage space, with NetApp Snapshot™ point-in-time copies.
  • Protect data from double- and triple-disk failure without adding disk mirroring by using RAID-DP® and RAID-TEC™ technologies.

Find out how much NetApp storage efficiency features can lower your IT costs.

Key Points

  • Reduce SSD storage by 5x to 10x on average with inline data reduction.
  • Simplify deployment with <10-minute system setup.
  • Automate and increase productivity while lowering IT costs.
  • Eliminate planned and unplanned downtime.
  • Make your data storage budget and investments go further.