Unified Storage Architecture

Simplify data management. Improve data protection and ROI. Unify your storage resources across flash to disk to cloud.

NetApp introduced unified storage more than a decade ago with the industry’s first unified SAN and NAS scale-out storage systems. Now, expand unified storage to encompass flash, disk and cloud by using NetApp® ONTAP® software as your data management foundation for on-premises and off-premises storage.

Leverage the versatility of ONTAP software to maintain control of your data across your hybrid cloud. Use consistent processes, features and data management tools everywhere.

The ONTAP platform offers universal management:

  • Across on-premises and cloud resources, including NetApp engineered systems and converged infrastructure; on commodity servers as software-defined storage, in front of third-party arrays, next to the cloud and in the cloud.
  • Across SAN and NAS protocols, including Fibre Channel, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS and SMB/CIFS
  • Across virtualised, UNIX®, Windows® and Linux® environments, no matter how complex your configuration

Learn how our unified storage architecture can help you build a foundation for a data fabric and get the most from your storage investment:

  • Cloud deployments – private, public and hybrid
  • SAN protocol support
  • NAS protocol support

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Key Points

  • Standardise on a single data management platform spanning flash to disk to cloud.
  • Scale SAN and NAS workloads without disrupting running applications.
  • Simplify storage management with a common set of software and tools.
  • Protect your investment, reduce TCO, build a foundation for a data fabric.